Feather Hair Extensions are all the Rage!

I am excited to report that I am doing the Feather Hair Extensions!!  They are the hottest trend in hair right now, and a great way to welcome the warm weather.  Feather Hair Extensions are real feathers that are attached to the hair using a micro link  which is completely safe for the natural hair.  Installation takes less than a few minutes, and the feathers can last for months depending on care.  They are suitable for all hair types; they can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled (low heat preferred).  You can treat these feather extensions just as you would your own hair.  Once they are washed they literally become one with your own hair.  They are just as easy to remove as they are to put in and are 100% reusable!

Feather Extensions come in magenta, pink, orange, purple, wintergreen, natural, turquoise, red, and yellow.  I have the natural feathers in my blonde hair and it looks really good!  The Feather Extensions are not just for young girls and Steven Tyler!!

To find out more about Feather Hair Extensions or to book an appointment email me

Jennifer Jones at info@jenniferjoneshairstylist.com or call 501-227-8813.

Also please visit www.jenniferjoneshairstylist.com  today to view a full menu of services I offer.

I am located at Stilo Salon, 1520 Macon Drive Suite A-8 off of Rodney Parham Road in West Little Rock.


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