Add a New Dimension of Shine to Your Haircolor with a Laminating Topcoat from Logics Haircolor.

Protect your pure tone haircolor against fading while adding an intense shine with a Laminating Topcoat Translucent Gloss by Logics.  This topcoat seals the cuticle and polishes your color for a dynamic dimension of shine.  It is enhanced with conditioning agents and restorative  Ceramide.  Logics Color DNA System creates a translucent barrier to help retain salon color’s pure tone vibrancy while revealing its true identity and reflecting shine with lasting intensity.  The topcoat is a must for anyone with chemically-treated hair or natural hair that needs more shine.  The Laminating Topcoat Translucent Gloss is expected to last 4 to 6 weeks.

Jennifer Jones at or call 501-227-8813.

Also please visit  today to view a full menu of services I offer.

I am located at Stilo Salon, 1520 Macon Drive Suite A-8 off of Rodney Parham Road in West Little Rock.


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