Keratin Complex’s Infusion Therapy is a Must Have Product for Unruly Hair!!

Want extra smooth, shiny, beautifully conditioned hair?  Add Keratin Complex’s Infusion Therapy to your must have list of hair products.  Infusion is a keratin replenisher that is formulated with unique infusion technology.  The replenisher has a high Ph which automatically opens the cuticle and infuses Keratin proteins and emollients into the hair.  Its deep penetrating action repairs and revitalizes the hair during the blow drying and flat ironing process.  It also closes the cuticle to entrap nourishment leaving the hair beautifully, smooth.  Infusion is the perfect complement to the Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Treatment or produces amazing results for hair not treated with the Smoothing Therapy Treatment.  Once you try it you will be hooked!!

To purchase this product or learn about other innovative products contact

Jennifer Jones at or call 501-227-8813.

Also please visit  today to view a full menu of services I offer.

I am located at Stilo Salon, 1520 Macon Drive Suite A-8 off of Rodney Parham Road in West Little Rock.


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